Right from its initial stages, in 1992, the Quantum Medicine Institute introduced an efficient and effective alternative for the treatment of chronic pathologies that had no successful solution, until then, within the field of traditional medicine.

This is how a new alternative for medical treatment, that would integrate medical knowledge with advanced technology, was spawned. In that framework, and in the face of a new paradigm that transcends the traditional structure of medical science as a whole, IMEC, through a constant therapeutic and technological research, and in order to achieve a restructuring of the biological and metabolic functions of the organism -with impaired health- displayed the revolutionary Quantum Field System.

IMEC has been growing progressively developing its current structure, and in the light of a new era that is now dawning, it has renewed its commitment: Putting within the reach of its patients an innovative treatment that offers remarkable solutions to chronic diseases, organizing everything in their best interest with professional suitability and good quality of service.

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